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before the court and it is sad to see general abbott wants to spend his time and tax paying dollars to use a futile grab on ideology to prevent women from having access to health care. these clinics are not forcing any procedures on any women. they are complying with the law under roe v. wade which gives women the right to choose. it also is a reflection on america's commitment to allowing women to have access to health care. many of these clinics have general health care provisions or services. and so today, the court recognized that we cannot throw women's health care to ideology. it must be the science. the court indicated that they sought no rational reason to require a clinic being in distance of a medical facility since many of these doctors are visiting doctors and it would have closed a third of the clinics but really it would have closed clinics in hard to access areas for women who need the services that these clinics would be governing. how our governor can state with the attorney general from the state of texas and call themselves representatives of the entire state and
% of those people are going to get a tax credit to help them purchase a better insurance policy at a lower overall cost. so again, i think the secretary explained that well as you indicated, there were some people who wouldn't accept the answers even though they were accurate answers. >> this was a opportunity for people at home who were still uncertain about the website to hear from the person leading the way, but is there anything in the hours long hearing today that would make the process better? the website, getting people in all states to sign up for affordable health care. >> as you know, there's some states that are moving ahead on their own and then there are the other states part of the federal system. and some of the states are way ahead of the game, the state of kentucky has been a great example. thousands of people signing up. the administration was brought in the new point person, the one who created that punch list and said they were going to work through the punch list so they can have the system up and running for a vast majority of people by november. as we know, the signu
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)